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10 Apr 2019
Original study |  | 10 Apr 2019

Effect of two prostaglandin injections on days 5 and 6 in a timed AI protocol after estrus expression on pregnancy outcomes in dairy cows during cold or hot seasons of the year

Mufeed A. Alnimer, Mohamed A. Abedal-Majed, and Ahmad I. Shamoun

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Subject: Livestock physiology | Animal: Cattle
Relationship between GnRH-induced LH increase profiles in the serum and vaginal mucus of Japanese Black beef cows
Naoaki Yoshimura, Yasuhiro Morita, Mitsuo Yamamoto, Chika Higashine, Koki Takebayashi, Taichi Kumegawa, Yoshimichi Higashiyama, Masatoshi Niimi, Fuminori Tanihara, and Takeshige Otoi
Arch. Anim. Breed., 65, 353–356,,, 2022
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Changes of acute-phase proteins, glucose, and lipid metabolism during pregnancy in lactating dairy cows
Esterina Fazio, Arianna Bionda, Luigi Liotta, Annalisa Amato, Vincenzo Chiofalo, Paola Crepaldi, Katiuska Satué, and Vincenzo Lopreiato
Arch. Anim. Breed., 65, 329–339,,, 2022
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Relationship between the animal body condition and reproduction: the biotechnological aspects
Jiří Bezdíček, Andrea Nesvadbová, Alexander Makarevich, and Elena Kubovičová
Arch. Anim. Breed., 63, 203–209,,, 2020
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Research of postpartum endometritis in Japanese Black cattle with cystic ovarian disease by vaginal mucus test and endometrial cytology
Naoki Yamamoto, Ryo Nishimura, Yosuke Gunji, and Mitsugu Hishinuma
Arch. Anim. Breed., 63, 1–8,,, 2020
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Evaluating bovine sperm transfection using a high-performance polymer reagent and assessing the fertilizing capacity of transfected spermatozoa using an in vitro fertilization technique
Ali Jafarnejad, Mohammad Zandi, Mehdi Aminafshar, Mohammad Reza Sanjabi, and Naser Emamjomeh Kashan
Arch. Anim. Breed., 61, 351–358,,, 2018
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Short summary
We tested whether prostragladin (PG) injection on day 30 pp and detection of estrus can affect the efficacy of injection on days 5 and 6 in the TAI protocol compared to the Cosynch protocol. The proportion of cows in estrus on the day of TAI was higher than those that received two PGs than those cows that received one PG. Treatments with PG on days 5 and 6 after the first GnRH injection increased P/AI.