Articles | Volume 64, issue 1
Arch. Anim. Breed., 64, 17–25, 2021
Arch. Anim. Breed., 64, 17–25, 2021

Original study 18 Jan 2021

Original study | 18 Jan 2021

MiR-25-3p regulates the differentiation of intramuscular preadipocytes in goat via targeting KLF4

Yu Du et al.

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Subject: DNA markers and gene expressions | Animal: Goats
EDA and EDAR expression at different stages of hair follicle development in cashmere goats and effects on expression of related genes
Zhihong Wu, Yu Wang, Wenjing Han, Kun Yang, Erhan Hai, Rong Ma, Zhengyang Di, Fangzheng Shang, Rui Su, Ruijun Wang, Zhiying Wang, Yanjun Zhang, and Jinquan Li
Arch. Anim. Breed., 63, 461–470,,, 2020
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Screening the key genes of hair follicle growth cycle in Inner Mongolian Cashmere goat based on RNA sequencing
Rui Su, Gao Gong, Lingtian Zhang, Xiaochun Yan, Fenghong Wang, Lei Zhang, Xian Qiao, Xiaokai Li, and Jinquan Li
Arch. Anim. Breed., 63, 155–164,,, 2020
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A 20-bp insertion/deletion (indel) polymorphism within the CDC25A gene and its associations with growth traits in goat
Wenbo Cui, Nuan Liu, Xuelian Zhang, Yanghai Zhang, Lei Qu, Hailong Yan, Xianyong Lan, Wuzi Dong, and Chuanying Pan
Arch. Anim. Breed., 62, 353–360,,, 2019
Variation in the caprine keratin-associated protein 15-1 (KAP15-1) gene affects cashmere fibre diameter
Mengli Zhao, Huitong Zhou, Jon G. H. Hickford, Hua Gong, Jiqing Wang, Jiang Hu, Xiu Liu, Shaobin Li, Zhiyun Hao, and Yuzhu Luo
Arch. Anim. Breed., 62, 125–133,,, 2019
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DNA methylation pattern of the goat PITX1 gene and its effects on milk performance
Haiyu Zhao, Sihuan Zhang, Xianfeng Wu, Chuanying Pan, Xiangchen Li, Chuzhao Lei, Hong Chen, and Xianyong Lan
Arch. Anim. Breed., 62, 59–68,,, 2019
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Intramuscular fat is a type of fatty tissue deposited between skeletal muscle fibers and muscle bundles, which is regulated by the number and size of preadipocytes in the muscle, and it is a key factor affecting meat tenderness and juiciness. As a member of miRNAs, a variety of studies suggested that miR-25-3p may play an important role in regulating lipid metabolism and adipocyte differentiation. This study attempts to investigate the role of miR-25-3p in goat intramuscular preadipocytes.