Articles | Volume 63, issue 2
Original study
10 Nov 2020
Original study |  | 10 Nov 2020

Expression profiles and polymorphic identification of the ACSL1 gene and their association with body size traits in Dezhou donkeys

Zhenyu Lai, Fei Wu, Zihui Zhou, Mei Li, Yuan Gao, Guijun Yin, Jie Yu, Chuzhao Lei, and Ruihua Dang

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the expression level and genetic variation of the ACSL1 gene of the Dezhou donkey and its effect on growth traits. The results show that the ACSL1 gene is regularly expressed in Dezhou donkey tissue. Through the association analysis of the genotype and haplotype combination and growth traits, it is speculated that the ACSL1 gene can be used as a candidate gene for Dezhou donkey breeding.