Articles | Volume 66, issue 3
Original study
27 Jul 2023
Original study |  | 27 Jul 2023

Assessment of genetic diversity among native Algerian rabbit populations using microsatellite markers

Abdelbaki Bouhali, Abdelkader Homrani, Nuno Ferrand, Susana Lopes, and Ahmed Mostafa Emam

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Arch. Anim. Breed., 66, 183–195,,, 2023
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Short summary
The current study aims to investigate the genetic diversity of native Algerian rabbit populations at 25 different geographic locations belonging to 7 regions using 85 microsatellite markers. According to the discovered results, high diversity was recorded in the south. In addition, the results noticed a high degree of geographical distribution (east, west, middle, and south). Generally, the current study records a high internal-breeding factor, although the samples were collected randomly.