Articles | Volume 65, issue 2
Original study
02 May 2022
Original study |  | 02 May 2022

The effects of restrictive measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic on the extensive farming system of small ruminants

Maria D. Yiakoulaki, Eleni T. Tsiobani, Christina-Ioanna G. Galliou, and Konstantinos G. Papaspyropoulos

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We studied the impact of the COVID-19 restrictive measures on the extensive farming system of small ruminants. We found that the breeders’ daily work routine was negatively affected in holdings with a high number of sheep. The majority of breeders did not change the movements of the animals in pastures, the amount of the given feedstuffs, the hygienic conditions on the farms, or the employed workers. A decrease in demand for animal products and a decrease in their prices were observed.