Articles | Volume 63, issue 1
Original study
26 May 2020
Original study |  | 26 May 2020

Screening the key genes of hair follicle growth cycle in Inner Mongolian Cashmere goat based on RNA sequencing

Rui Su, Gao Gong, Lingtian Zhang, Xiaochun Yan, Fenghong Wang, Lei Zhang, Xian Qiao, Xiaokai Li, and Jinquan Li

Data sets

Growth cycles' key point of secondary hair follicle in Inner Mongolia Cashmere goat, Nov 04'19 (accession number SUB6509124) G. Gong

Short summary
We tried to find important influencing factors of SHF growth cycle in skin tissue from Inner Mongolian Cashmere goats by RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq). Based on the results of comprehensive analysis of differentially expressed genes, GO enrichment and KEGG enrichment, we found that FGF5, FGFR1 and RRAS had an effect on the hair follicle growth cycle. The results of this study may provide a theoretical basis for further research on the growth and development of SHF in Inner Mongolian Cashmere goats.