Articles | Volume 62, issue 1
Original study
05 Jun 2019
Original study |  | 05 Jun 2019

Genetic diversity of different breeds of Kazakh sheep using microsatellite analysis

Kairat Dossybayev, Zarina Orazymbetova, Aizhan Mussayeva, Naruya Saitou, Rakhymbek Zhapbasov, Bolathan Makhatov, and Bakytzhan Bekmanov

Data sets

Heterozygosity, Fstatistics and Polymorphism of sheep. Dossybayev Kairat

Short summary
The objective of the current research was to investigate 12 STR loci based on genetic diversity in sheep herds as well as the differentiation and relationship among the number of alleles and genetic links between Kazakh sheep breeds. Based on our results, all five populations examined show high genetic diversity because of a high effective number of alleles, a large number of alleles, high PIC values, and 12 completely polymorphic tested microsatellites.