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Original study
04 Jan 2023
Original study |  | 04 Jan 2023

The effect of being housed with a goat on abnormal behavior in horses

Fatih Yildirim, Ahmet Yildiz, Mahir Murat Cengiz, Murat Temel, and Ayşe Küreksiz

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Subject: Animal behaviour | Animal: Horses
An analysis of the annual mobility of Polish Konik horses depending on habitat, season, and time of the day
Ryszard Pikuła, Daniel Zaborski, Wilhelm Grzesiak, and Mirosław Smugała
Arch. Anim. Breed., 65, 239–247,,, 2022
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The present study aims to examine the effect of goats on abnormal behaviors of horses. Therefore, horses and goats were monitored for 45 d. As a result, the abnormal behaviors of horses such as front feet playing, crib-biting object, and box walking behaviors were affected positively by the goats, while there was no effect on other abnormal behaviors.