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Original study
21 Apr 2022
Original study |  | 21 Apr 2022

Association analysis of single-nucleotide polymorphism in prolactin and its receptor with productive and body conformation traits in Liaoning cashmere goats

Yanzhi Wu, Yu Zhang, Yuting Qin, Weidong Cai, Xinjiang Zhang, Yanan Xu, Xingtang Dou, Zhanhong Wang, Di Han, Jiaming Wang, Guangyu Lin, Lingling Wang, Jianjun Hao, Shuqing Fu, Rui Chen, Yinggang Sun, Zhixian Bai, Ming Gu, and Zeying Wang

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CircRNA-0100 positively regulates the differentiation of cashmere goat SHF-SCs into hair follicle lineage via sequestering miR-153-3p to heighten the KLF5 expression
Junyin Zhao, Jincheng Shen, Zeying Wang, Man Bai, Yixing Fan, Yubo Zhu, and Wenlin Bai
Arch. Anim. Breed., 65, 55–67,,, 2022
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Our research tried new ideas and measured the milk production performance of cashmere goats and found that the nutritional indicators of milk of Liaoning cashmere goats were excellent, laying a theoretical foundation for the future development of breeding to cashmere goats. At the same time, it also provides theoretical support for producers and can screen individual genotypes based on the experimental results during seed selection, thereby improving production performance to a certain extent.