Articles | Volume 64, issue 2
Arch. Anim. Breed., 64, 425–435, 2021
Arch. Anim. Breed., 64, 425–435, 2021

Original study 14 Oct 2021

Original study | 14 Oct 2021

Combined effects of weather conditions, transportation time and loading density on carcass damages and meat quality of market-weight pigs

Nikola Čobanović et al.

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Subject: Product quality | Animal: Pigs
Effects of sire line, birth weight and sex on growth performance and carcass traits of crossbred pigs under standardized environmental conditions
Kathrin Elbert, Neal Matthews, Ralf Wassmuth, and Jens Tetens
Arch. Anim. Breed., 63, 367–376,,, 2020
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Meat quality of Pulawska breed pigs and image of longissimus lumborum muscle microstructure compared to commercial DanBred and Naima hybrids
Anna Kasprzyk and Joanna Bogucka
Arch. Anim. Breed., 63, 293–301,,, 2020
Effect of pig genotypes from Slovak and Polish breeds on meat quality
Ondrej Debrecéni, Petra Lípová, Ondřej Bučko, Aleksandra Cebulska, and Wojciech Kapelánski
Arch. Anim. Breed., 61, 99–107,,, 2018
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Quality traits of longissimus lumborum muscle from White Mangalica, Duroc   ×  White Mangalica and Large White pigs reared under intensive conditions and slaughtered at 150 kg live weight: a comparative study
Vladimir M. Tomović, Radoslav Šević, Marija Jokanović, Branislav Šojić, Snežana Škaljac, Tatjana Tasić, Predrag Ikonić, Mateja Lušnic Polak, Tomaž Polak, and Lea Demšar
Arch. Anim. Breed., 59, 401–415,,, 2016
Differences in meat colour between free-range Swallow Belly Mangalitsa and commercially reared Swedish Landrace pigs during 6 days of vacuum storage
Nikola Stanišić, Nenad Parunović, Slaviša Stajić, Milica Petrović, Čedomir Radović, Dušan Živković, and Maja Petričević
Arch. Anim. Breed., 59, 159–166,,, 2016
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This study investigated the interactive effects of weather conditions, transportation time and loading density on carcass damages and meat quality traits of pigs. Pigs exposed to short transportation at low space allocation during hot weather conditions produced the lowest pork quality. Pigs exposed to short transportation at high loading density during cold weather conditions produced the highest pork quality. Hence, weather and transport conditions are of great importance for the pork quality.