Articles | Volume 58, issue 2
Original study
20 Oct 2015
Original study |  | 20 Oct 2015

Fatty acid profile of pork from a local and a commercial breed

A. Kasprzyk, M. Tyra, and M. Babicz

Abstract. This study investigated the effects of breed on the fatty acid compositions of the Longissimus thoracis et lumborum (LTL) of gilts and barrows. Although only one muscle was analyzed, the results gave a good indication of the effect that breed and sex may have on the fatty acid compositions of the meat. Breed exhibited a significant effect on the fatty acid composition of pigs, whereas the effects of sex were found to be minor. Higher contents of intramuscular fat (IMF), C16 : 1, C18 : 1 and monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs); darker color of meat; and lower cholesterol content, drip loss, C18 : 0, C18 : 2, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), n-6 and n-6 : n-3 ratios were found in the LTL muscle of Pulawska pigs compared with Polish Landrace pigs. Meat of Pulawska pigs is especially suitable for the production of good-quality, cured and smoked loin for longer storage. Fat content was higher in barrows than in gilts, and as a consequence the IMF from barrows had higher saturated fatty acid proportions and hypercholesterolemic acids (OFAs) as well as lower C18 : 1 than that from gilts.