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Original study
08 Mar 2018
Original study |  | 08 Mar 2018

Effects of total replacement of soybean meal and corn on ruminal fermentation, volatile fatty acids, protozoa concentration, and gas production

Amani Bahri, Marga Joy, Mireia Blanco, Juan Ramon Bertolin, Marouen Amaraoui, and Hamadi Rouissi

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Yathreb Yagoubi, Samir Smeti, Ilyes Mekki, Juan Ramón Bertolín, Guillermo Ripoll, Margalida Joy, Mokhtar Mahouachi, and Naziha Atti
Arch. Anim. Breed., 63, 431–439,,, 2020
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Effect of high-concentrate diets with calcium lignosulfonate and cottonseed processing method on quantitative traits and non-carcass components of feedlot cull ewes
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Effects of type of tropical pasture and concentrate supplementation level on the carcass traits of grazing lambs
Gustavo Daniel Vega Britez, Fernando Miranda Vargas Junior, Marciana Retore, Marcelo Corrêa Silva, Luana Liz Medina Ledesma, Adrielly Lais Alves Silva, Jéssica Oliveira Monteschio, and Tatiane Fernandes
Arch. Anim. Breed., 63, 283–291,,, 2020
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Our study aimed to evaluate the effect of total substitution of soybean meal and corn with triticale and faba bean or field pea on rumen fermentation, protozoa counts, and gas production of lactating ewes. According to the present results, this substitution might maintain rumen parameters of dairy ewes.