Articles | Volume 52, issue 1
10 Oct 2009
 | 10 Oct 2009

Tropomodulin 1 (TMOD1) is associated with lean meat growth and meat quality in the pig (Brief Report)

H. Wu, S. Zhao, B. Liu, M. Yu, M. Zhu, C. Li, and B. Fan

Abstract. Tropomodulin 1 (TMOD1) is a member of the tropomodulin family, which are highly conserved capping proteins of the pointed ends of the erythrocyte membrane and sarcomeric actin filaments. Tropomodulins are involved in the architecture of the sarcomere in muscle cells and the membrane skeleton in nonmuscle cells (COLUCCIO et al. 1994, GREGORIO et al. 1995). TMOD1 is predominantly expressed in vertebrate cardiac muscle and slow twitch muscle fibers, and it binds to one end of tropomyosin (TM) that plays important roles in regulating the function of actin filament (FISCHER et al. 2003, GUNNING et al. 2008). Here we identified a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in the porcine TMOD1 gene and further analyzed the effects of this gene on the lean meat growth, meat quality and other related traits in pigs.