Articles | Volume 48, issue 4
10 Oct 2005
 | 10 Oct 2005

On correlating penetrometry with photometry in beef roasts (short communication)

H. J. Swatland

Abstract. A fibre-optic probe mounted on the strain gauge of a compression tester was pushed into beef roasts. Reflectance decreased through the subcutaneous adipose tissue and was inversely correlated with resistance to penetration (r = −0.82 at 450 nm and r = −0.84 at 700 nm, P < 0.01). Resistance peaked in the connective tissue of spinales dorsi. Despite illuminating several cubic centimetres of meat, the fibre-optic probe responded mainly to tissues in the near field. The length of the light-path through the meat was minimal (≤ 1 mm).