Articles | Volume 59, issue 4
Original study
01 Nov 2016
Original study |  | 01 Nov 2016

A multi-population survey on swine feeding behavior with electronic feeding devices

Wenshui Xin, Xinjian Li, Feng Zhang, Guorong Yan, Nengshui Ding, Lusheng Huang, and Zhiyan Zhang

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Subject: Behaviour | Animal: Pigs
Multiple paternity in domestic pigs under equally probable natural matings – a case study in the endangered Gochu Asturcelta pig breed
J. Menéndez, I. Álvarez, I. Fernández, B. de la Roza, and F. Goyache
Arch. Anim. Breed., 58, 217–220,,, 2015
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In this study, we used electronic feeding station observations of pigs to investigate their growth performance and feeding behavior. The S-shaped pattern of growth performance in three different breeds was observed as well as two peaks in feed intake activity. A lower feed intake and less occupation time in feeding implicate fiercer competition at these two peak times. The effective feed intake times for Duroc, Landrace and Yorkshire breeds were 19, 16 and 19 min, respectively.