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Original study
07 Jun 2016
Original study |  | 07 Jun 2016

Effects of in-yolk-sac administration of carvacrol on cholesterol resorption from yolk residuals and physiological adaptive indicators in broiler chicks exposed to neonatal fasting

Mir Hasan Beiranvand, Heshmatollah Khosravinia, Arash Azarfar, and Ezatollah Rafiei Alavai

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Short summary
The results of this study revealed that in-yolk-sac administration of carvacrol, as the main phenolic monoterpen in Satureja khuzestanica, had no effect on the rate of cholesterol absorption from yolk sac residuals in neonate commercial broiler chicks. This finding suggests that the hypocholesterolemic activity of carvacrol in broiler chicks might be exerted through other mechanisms rather than reduced cholesterol absorption and deserves further investigation.