Articles | Volume 58, issue 1
18 Mar 2015
 | 18 Mar 2015

Sea buckthorn pomace supplementation in the finishing diets of pigs – are there effects on meat quality and muscle fatty acids?

K. Nuernberg, G. Nuernberg, A. Priepke, and D. Dannenberger

Abstract. In the present study, the effect of sea buckthorn pomace (SBP) supplementation (concentrations of 0, 4, 8 and 12%; intervention duration of 4 or 8 weeks) on finishing performance, meat quality parameters, and fatty acid and vitamin C contents in muscle of German Landrace pigs was assessed. Supplementation with SBP did not negatively affect growth performance and slaughter quality traits of pigs. The overall meat quality including nutrient composition (protein, fat, water), meat colour and pH value was not changed. Surprisingly, the fatty acid profile of longissimus muscle was only slightly affected by different SBP concentrations and intervention durations. Highest amounts of n-3 fatty acids (28 mg/100 g muscle) were measured in pig muscle which had received a 12% SBP-supplemented ratio with over an intervention period of 8 weeks. The contents for vitamin C of longissimus muscle of pigs of the control group and SBP supplementation groups varied between 24.0 and 28.7 μg g−1 fresh muscle, and were not diet affected. Other diet compositions and possibly changes in SBP during the manufacturing process of diet pellets should be included in investigations to develop an application-oriented concept of SBP as a supplement for pig feeding.