Articles | Volume 56, issue 1
10 Oct 2013
 | 10 Oct 2013

Data framework for efficient management of sequence and microsatellite data in biodiversity studies

C. V. C. Truong, Z. Duchev, and E. Groeneveld

Abstract. In recent years, software packages for the management of biological data have rapidly been developing. However, currently, there is no general information system available for managing molecular data derived from both Sanger sequencing and microsatellite genotyping projects. A prerequisite to implementing such a system is to design a general data model which can be deployed to a wide range of labs without modification or customization. Thus, this paper aims to (1) suggest a uniform solution to efficiently store data items required in different labs, (2) describe procedures for representing data streams and data items (3) and construct a formalized data framework. As a result, the data framework has been used to develop an integrated information system for small labs conducting biodiversity studies.