Articles | Volume 56, issue 1
10 Oct 2013
 | 10 Oct 2013

Genetic parameters, genetic trends and inbreeding depression of growth and carcass traits in Pannon terminal line rabbits

I. Nagy, P. Gyovai, I. Radnai, H. Nagyné Kiszlinger, J. Farkas, and Z. Szendrő

Abstract. Genetic parameters, inbreeding depression and genetic trends were estimated for average daily gain between the ages of 5-10 weeks and thigh muscle volume (measured in vivo with computerized tomography) in a group of 22 098 Pannon terminal line rabbits born between 2006 and 2011 and reared in 3 396 litters. The data sets were analysed with bi-variate animal models taking pedigree completeness (complete generation equivalent) into account. By 2011, all rabbits were inbred and the average inbreeding coefficient and complete generation equivalent of the population were 7.69 % and 11.89 %, respectively. Estimated heritability was moderate both for average daily gain (0.23±0.02) and thigh muscle volume (0.25±0.03). Litter effects were low for both traits (0.16±0.00 and 0.09±0.01 respectively). The genetic correlation coefficient estimate between average daily gain and thigh muscle volume was also low (0.02±0.08). Significant inbreeding depression (per 10 % inbreeding) was only detected for average daily gain (0.57 g/d). The estimated annual selection response was substantial both for average daily gain and thigh muscle volume (1.49 g/d and 5.84 cm3, respectively), proving the efficiency of the breeding programme.