Articles | Volume 55, issue 1
10 Oct 2012
 | 10 Oct 2012

Polymorphism identification in the goat THRSP gene and association analysis with growth traits

X. An, H. Zhao, L. Bai, J. Hou, J. Peng, J. Wang, Y. Song, and B. Cao

Abstract. cIn this study, we reported the analysis of THRSP gene polymorphisms in 610 goats of three breeds: Xinong Saanen (SN), Guanzhong (GZ) and Boer (BG). We identified new allelic variant: P2-G39294A (GenBank acc. no. JN618075) in the three goat breeds. At P2 locus, GG, GA and AA genotypes were found in the three goat breeds. The frequencies of G allele were 0.54–0.55 and frequencies of A allele were 0.46–0.45, and the PIC was 0.37. The SNP locus was in Hardy-Weinberg disequilibrium in Boer goat breed (P<0.05). Association of polymorphisms with growth traits was done at P2 locus in Boer goat breed. The result showed that AA genotype had remarkable growth traits at P2 locus (P<0.05). Therefore, these results suggest that THRSP gene is a strong candidate gene that affects growth traits in goat.