Articles | Volume 54, issue 5
10 Oct 2011
 | 10 Oct 2011

Changes in biochemical and hematological parameters and metabolic hormones in Tsigai ewes blood in the first third of lactation

Z. Antunović, J. Novoselec, M. Šperanda, M. Vegara, V. Pavić, B. Mioč, and M. Djidara

Abstract. The aim of this investigation is to determine changes in concentrations of biochemical and haematological parameters, as well as metabolic hormones in the blood of Tsigai ewes in the first third of lactation. The study included 10 ewes Tsigai breed monitored during three periods of lactation: 20 days, 40 and 60 days of lactation. Ewes were fed feed mixture (300 g/day) and meadow hay ad libitum. A significant decrease of concentrations of Ca and Na was recorded in the blood of sheep at the 40th day of lactation and later an increase at the 60th day of lactation. The opposite trend was determined for concentrations of P-inorganic. Also it was determined a significant decrease in Fe content and an increase in the concentrations of glucose, triglycerides and total protein in the first third of lactation. In the blood of ewes at 40th day of lactation it was found a significant decrease of the activity of AST and LDH in contrast to ewes at 20th day of lactation. Concentrations of T3 and T4 hormones were slightly increasing in the first third of lactation, but the differences were not significant. The blood insulin concentrations were significant increased in the first third of lactation. Haematological blood parameters in lactating ewes did not differ significantly and was within the reference values. Determining the concentration of biochemical and haematological parameters and concentrations of blood thyroid hormones and insulin in the first third of lactation are imposed as a precaution in order to better monitoring of Tsigai ewes during lactation.