Articles | Volume 53, issue 6
10 Oct 2010
 | 10 Oct 2010

Chromosome mapping of five differently expressed miRNAs in porcine skeletal muscle development (Brief Report)

H. B. He, S. H. Zhao, and X. Y. Li

Abstract. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a class of short, non-coding regulatory RNAs, which are approximately 22 nucleotides in length. Typically, miRNAs negatively regulate gene expression by binding with the 3' untranslated region (UTR) of its regulatory target mRNAs. MicroRNAs are known to play diverse roles in fundamental biological processes, such as proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis (Bartel 2004, 2009). It has been reported that miR-1, miR-133, miR-181 and miR-206 play important roles in skeletal muscle proliferation and hypertrophy (Callis et al. 2007, McCarthy -Esser 2007). We have detected porcine miRNA expression profiles during different stage of skeletal muscle development and a total of 140 miRNAs were differentially expressed (HUANG et al. 2008). In this study, we mapped five differentially expressed miRNAs (mir-29c, mir-103-1, mir-127, mir-193b and mir-218-1) using the radiation hybrid (IMpRH) panel (YERLE et al. 1998).