Articles | Volume 47, issue 5
10 Oct 2004
 | 10 Oct 2004

Polymorphism of blood leukocyte acid phosphatase and the profile of peripheral blood lymphocytes in the first of lactation trimester of cows naturally-infected with bovine leukaemia virus

E. Kaczmarczyk, B. Bojarojć-Nosowicz, A. Fiedorowicz, and W. Demianowicz

Abstract. This study covered a population of 91 cows aged 3–6 years. Enzootic bovine leukaemia (EBL) was diagnosed with ELISA and PCR tests. The assays were performed in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd month after calving. Use was made of anti-bovine monoclonal antibodies (Mab), (VMDR Inc. Pullman-USA) and conjugates of FITC and R-PE (Medac – Germany) with an indirect immunofluorescence reaction (IMF).

A differentiation observed between the population numbers of CD19 + B lymphocytes and CD2 + T lymphocytes as well as the CD8 + T lymphocyte sub-population was found to be significant between cows with different genotypes of AcP. Moreover, a correlation was found between the polymorphism of AcP and EBL incidence in cows with reference to the number and percentage of CD19 + B lymphocytes (AcP polymorphism x EBL interaction). A significant differentiation in the profile of peripheral blood lymphocytes was observed between EBL-positive and EBL-negative cows as well as over the first three months after calving.

The results reported in this study seem to indicate the potential contribution of a genetic predisposition connected with the expression of biological functions of the blood leukocyte acid phosphatase system in the activation and proliferation of these cells.