Articles | Volume 46, issue 1
10 Oct 2003
 | 10 Oct 2003

Growth, carcass composition and nutrient content of meat of different local geese in Isparta region of Turkey (short communication)

E. Isguzar and H. Pingel

Abstract. The local goose breeds Kara, Beyaz, Şam, Ala and Tülü of the Isparta province in Turkey are relatively small with body weight at the age of 12 weeks for males-females of 2864.1–2593.1, 2588.5–2296.8, 3004.3–2504.3, 2601.9–2264.0 and 2754.7–2352.0 g.

The average percentages of slaughter yield of Kara, Beyaz and Şam geese at the age of 104 weeks for males-females were 71.4–69.8, 71.6–69.9 and 71.0–69.3%. The percentages of breast and leg to the carcass were 46.6–48.4, 48.7–50.2 and 47.1–48.3%, respectively.

Average percentages of crude protein content for breast and leg muscle were 19.7–20.1, 22.0–20.3, 18.2–18.0% and 15.8–18.0, 21.7–16.2, 17.7-19.8%, respectively. The content of crude fat for breast and leg muscle were 0.23–0.49, 0.39–0.40, 0.44–0.40% and 0.92–1.41, 0.39–1.31, 0.46–0.33%, respectively. Because of the lower fat percentage, the local goose breeds could be important for a commercial crossbred program.