Articles | Volume 45, issue 6
10 Oct 2002
 | 10 Oct 2002

Development to Blastocyst Stage of Pig Oocytes Matured, Fertilized and Electroactivated In Vitro

N. R. Mtango, M. D. Varisanga, D. Y. Juan, P. Wongrisekeao, and T. Suzuki

Abstract. This study was designed 1) to determine the effectiveness of two in vitro maturation (IVM) media (tissue culture medium [TCM] and modified synthetic oviduct fluid supplemented with amino acids [mSOFaa]), 2) to compare the effects of two in vitro fertilization (IVF) media (modified Tris-buffered medium [mTBM] and mSOFaa) on the developmental competence of pig oocytes, and 3) to test the activation ability of IVM pig oocytes matured in TCM or mSOFaa, electroactivated and cultured in mSOFaa. The nuclear maturation rates were similar between IVM media (91.0 % vs. 89.0 %). A similar result was obtained when the activation rates were 54.2 % in TCM and 56.0 % in mSOFaa, and the blastocyst rates were 7.9 % and 6.1 %, respectively. There was no significant difference between mSOFaa and mTBM in the percentage of embryos with two pronuclei 33.2 % vs. 13.8 % or polypronuclei 5.3 % vs. 13.4 %. The cleavage rate was the same in both media. The medium mSOFaa gave a significantly higher (P< 0.05) blastocyst rate than mTBM (12.7 % vs. 3.9 %). We concluded that mSOFaa can enhance in vitro maturation, fertilization and culture of pig oocytes.