Articles | Volume 45, issue 1
10 Oct 2002
 | 10 Oct 2002

Untersuchungen zur Wurfleistung von Sauen mit Einzel- oder Gruppenhaltung an Rohrautomaten während der Trächtigkeit

S. Hoy and C. Räthel

Abstract. Title of the paper: Investigations on fertility of sows kept in single crates or in groups with tube feeders during pregnancy
Investigations with more than 1000 litters of sows kept in single crates (n = 666 litters) or in groups of 12 each with tube feeders and single feeding places (n = 343 litters) between day 35 and 108 of pregnancy have shown no significant differences neither in litter size alive born piglets nor in number of stillborn piglets per litter between single crates (11.29 alive born and 1.25 stillborn piglets/litter) and loose-housing (11.20 alive and 1.08 stillborn piglets/litter). Sows kept in single crates during pregnancy had a highly significant higher percentage of puerperal diseases (24.0 % of all litters) compared with sows housed in groups (16.9 % of all litters).