Articles | Volume 44, issue 6
10 Oct 2001
 | 10 Oct 2001

Einfluss von Inzucht und Selektion auf die Fruchtbarkeit und das Wachstum der Maus

B. Sallah Issa and G. Seeland

Abstract. Title of the paper: Effect of inbreeding and selection on fertility and growth in mice
The experiment comprised 3 lines of outbred mice: An inbred line without selection (1), an inbred line with selection (2) and a non inbred control line with random mating (3). In line 1 and 2 half sister mating was used. In line 2, 20 % of the females are selected for litter size and stillbirths of their dam. The males are selected at two stages: 50 % for body weight at the age of 10 days and 50 % for body weight at the age of 21 days. Inbreeding depressions seems to depend non linear on the degree of inbreeding. Selection within the line 2 could compensate inbreeding depression for fertility and growth. Epistatic effects and natural selection are discussed as a cause of the non linear inbreeding depression.