Articles | Volume 43, issue 2
10 Oct 2000
 | 10 Oct 2000

Evaluation of market value: comparison between different techniques applied on pork carcasses (short communication)

W. Branscheid and A. Dobrowolski

Abstract. The market value of a carcass in the whole should be represented by the sum of values of all Single cuts dissected from a carcass. These values of the single cuts are defined by their tissue composition and meat quality characteristics (pH, etc.)respectively. The ftxing of market value at the slaughter line requires very quick methods that base on instrumental measurements and electronic data management. Nowadays four technically different types of instruments are available for the determination of market value in Germany. Following instrumental devices are compared and valuated. Opto-electronic devices, Ultrasonic Scanners, Autoform (SFK Company, DK), The video imaging System VCS 2000. These four technical Systems presented in this study give equally good results in predicting the market value of pork carcass. It can State, that the fully automatic devices represent a new stage of development. They are calculating the market value on a great number of measurements and in most aspects with a high reliability.