Articles | Volume 59, issue 1
Original study
27 Jan 2016
Original study |  | 27 Jan 2016

Genetic diversity of domesticated and wild Sudanese guinea fowl (Numida meleagris) based on microsatellite markers

C. Weimann, N. M. Eltayeb, H. Brandt, I. A.-S. Yousif, M. M. Abdel Hamid, and G. Erhardt

Abstract. Genetic diversity was investigated among four Sudanese domesticated guinea fowl populations collected in different regions of Sudan: the states of Blue Nile (BL), Gezira and Khartoum (G), Kassala and Gedaref (KG), and West and North Kordofan (N). In addition, one wild population from Dinder National Park (D) was included. From 25 microsatellites chosen, 10 were informative and used for the current study. A total of 107 alleles were found with observed heterozygosity between 0.364 and 0.494. The populations kept on farms showed high genetic identity with values between 0.9269 and 0.9601. Neighbor-joining tree analysis and STRUCTURE modeling showed that the wild population clearly differs from the populations kept on farms.