Articles | Volume 58, issue 1
04 Mar 2015
 | 04 Mar 2015

The effect of naked oats (Avena nuda L.) used in feeding gilts on their sexual activity

B. Szostak, A. Stasiak, and Ł. Przykaza

Abstract. The study was carried out on 180 Polish Landrace gilts. Three gilts were selected from each of 60 litters. When their body weight had reached about 30 kg, the gilts were divided into three groups, two experimental and one control, with 60 individuals per group. The mixture fed to the experimental groups contained 40 % (D1) and 20 % (D2) naked oats of the Akt variety. Sexual activity was observed in the gilts during the first, second and third oestrus. The occurrence of the standing reflex was tested twice a day, in the morning and afternoon, and its duration was determined by timing the positive reaction to a boar, to touch and to mounting. The first oestrus occurred earliest in the experimental gilts (group D1) at an average age of 178.2 days, i.e. 8.7 days earlier than in the control group. Analysis of the 17-β-estradiol level in the blood serum of the experimental gilts showed that the feed rations containing naked oats had a beneficial effect on the secretion of this hormone.