Articles | Volume 57, issue 1
29 Oct 2014
 | 29 Oct 2014

Generalized procrustes analysis (GPA) as a tool to discriminate among sheep breeds

María Jesús Alcalde, Isabel Moreno-Indias, Alberto Horcada, Antonio Molina, and Manuel Juárez

Abstract. Forty male lambs of five Southern Spanish breeds were used to study the effects of the breed in their sensorial characteristics. The used breeds were: Segureña, Spanish Merino, Grazalema Merino, Churra Lebrijana and Montesina breeds. Milk lambs were slaughtered at 12 kg of live weight. A descriptive sensory evaluation was developed using the longissimus lumborum from each animal by a panel of 12 experts and a Generalized Procrustes Analysis (GPA) was used to discriminate among them. Generalized Procrustes Analysis clearly differentiated Churra Lebrijana of out the rest breeds. Churra Lebrijana was defined as more tender, juicier and with less lamb odour than the rest of the Southern Spanish lamb breeds. Thus, GPA is able to discriminate among breeds.