Articles | Volume 56, issue 1
23 Aug 2013
 | 23 Aug 2013

Intravital assessment of body composition of cows in various production periods using urea dilution procedures

M. Adamski

Abstract. Changes in the body condition of cows are directly linked with changes in body weight and composition, and also influence their health status and productivity. In order to assess body composition, an urea dilution method was used. The method depends on the calculation of urea space resulting from differences in urea concentrations in blood before and after the infusion of the urea solution. The method is quick, not dangerous for animals and the analyses are relatively simple. The aim of this study was an attempt of an assessment of body composition of cows in the range of protein, lipid and water content in various production stages with changing condition. The research was conducted on 24 cows divided into three groups: beginning of lactation, middle of lactation, end of lactation. The present study confirmed the thesis that various production stages are accompanied by changes in body composition and condition of the cows and the changes may be determined with a high accuracy using urea method.