Articles | Volume 56, issue 1
10 Oct 2013
 | 10 Oct 2013

Effect of relocation and sire lineage on behaviour and milk yield of dairy cows

J. Broucek, M. Uhrincat, Z. Palkovicova, V. Tancin, and A. Hanus

Abstract. The objective of the present study was to analyse the maintenance behaviour of cows after shift from tie-stall barn to free-stall barn. The activities were analysed in relation to the time of moving of the cows. Forty-one Holstein cows were used. Cows were observed for three 24-h (first, second and tenth day) periods after moving into the new barn with free-stall housing. The shortest times of lying and ruminating were recorded at the first day after relocation (336.3 min, 628.0 min, 756.1 min, P<0.001; 318.0 min, 325.0 min, 440.5 min, P<0.001). The longest time was recorded for the duration of standing (1 103.7 min, 811.9 min, 683.9 min, P<0.001). The period’s number of lying and ruminating were the lowest at the first day and highest at the tenth day after relocation (7.34, 14.07, 16.34, 14.32, 15.75, 18.58, P<0.001). The opposite trend was found in the period’s number of feeding and standing (17.46, 12.73, 9.54 and 24.93, 18.19 and 12.41; P<0.001). Sires progeny was significantly manifested in times of total lying, standing (P<0.05) and feeding (P<0.01) as well as in the number of lying periods (P<0.05). Cows produced significantly less milk at the first day after removing than the last day before (23.76 kg vs. 30.97 kg, P<0.001). Milk yield returned towards basal levels at the 13th day (31.82 kg). Milk production was different among sires.