Articles | Volume 56, issue 1
10 Oct 2013
 | 10 Oct 2013

Looking for breed differentiating SNP loci and for a SNP set for parentage testing in Mangalica

A. Zsolnai, G. Tóth, J. Molnár, V. Stéger, F. Marincs, A. Jánosi, G. Ujhelyi, E. Koppányné Szabó, A. Mohr, I. Anton, R. Szántó-Egész, R. Sipos, I. Egerszegi, K. Dallmann, P. Tóth, A. Micsinai, K.-P. Brüssow, and J. Rátky

Abstract. The whole genome of Mangalica animals has been screened on the Illumina porcine chip giving the possibility (1) to replace the previously applied ten microsatellite markers by nine SNP loci to classify the Blond, Swallow-Belly and Red Mangalica individuals into three different breed groups (P>0.95); (2) to propose 54 SNP loci for parentage testing in Mangalica pigs where the exclusion probability is 0.999115 if one parent is known and the probability of identity is 1.54×10-23.