Articles | Volume 56, issue 1
20 Nov 2013
 | 20 Nov 2013

Effect of time, amount and frequency of feeding on total egg production, fertility and hatchability in broiler breeders

M. G. Soltanmoradi, A. Seidavi, M. Dadashbeiki, F. Delgado, and S. Gamboa

Abstract. The effects of timing, the amount and the frequencies of feeding on the performance of broiler breeders (Ross 308) at the age of 31–38 weeks were studied. The broiler breeders were randomly assigned to each of 15 treatments (T). These included day feedings, in which birds were fed once at 4.00 (T1 = control), twice (T2 to T7), thrice a day (T8 to T13) and four (T14 and T15) times per day. The daily feed allotment was divided into different ratios with different time schedules. The nutritional composition of all experimental groups was similar. Eggs were collected at 8.00, 10.00, 14.00 and 16.00. The results obtained showed that feeding schedule resulted in significant differences (P < 0.05) in egg production (% hen), as well as in fertility and hatchability. Results obtained in our study suggest that allocation of restricted feed two times a day, in a 75 : 25 ratio (4.00 and 12.00) improved egg production, fertility and hatchability.