Articles | Volume 53, issue 6
10 Oct 2010
 | 10 Oct 2010

Cholesterol content in eggs produced by hens divergently selected for body weight (Short Communication)

D. Terčič, A. Levart, and A. Holcman

Abstract. In this work the cholesterol content of chicken eggs produced by two lines (high and low weight) representing the 31st generation of selection for divergent growth was studied. Divergent selection for body weight at 8 weeks of age resulted in changes in egg size and consequently in the weight of egg components. Higher values (P≤0.001) were observed in eggs from the high weight (D+) line for egg weight, albumen, yolk and shell weight. Percent yolk was greater (P≤0.001) and percent albumen was lower (P≤0.001) in eggs from the low weight (D−) line. Eggs from the D− line contained lower (P≤0.001) cholesterol content (mg/ egg, mg/g yolk, mg/g yolk dry matter) than eggs from the D+ line but when cholesterol was expressed in milligrams per gram of egg or per gram of edible egg, differences between the two lines were not significant. Divergent selection for body weight changed the albumen : yolk ratio and a change of this type affected the grams of cholesterol per gram of yolk values.