Articles | Volume 53, issue 3
10 Oct 2010
 | 10 Oct 2010

Polymorphism of the kappa-casein gene in two Bosnian autochthonous cattle breeds

M. Brka, A. Hodžić, N. Reinsch, E. P. Zečević, A. Dokso, R. Djedović, D. Rukavina, L. Kapur, M. Vegara, M. Šabanović, and I. Ravić

Abstract. Buša is an old endangered autochthonous breed of the western Balkan, especially Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Albania. A related breed is Gatačko, derived from Buša × Tirolean Grey crossbreds. Fifteen purebred Buša cattle and thirteen Gatačko animals were genotyped for polymorphisms at the kappa-casein gene by a Polymerase Chain Reaction-Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) essay. The alleles A, B and C were found and the allelic frequencies were 0.46 (A), 0.46 (B) and 0.08 (C) in Buša cattle and 0.58 (A) and 0.42 (B) in Gatačko. Only AA, AB, BB and BC genotypes occurred. Further alleles were not detected and are therefore either absent in both populations or rare. The allele »B« found in this small population will be useful for a sire selection program in the future.