Articles | Volume 53, issue 1
10 Oct 2010
 | 10 Oct 2010

Association of polymorphisms of the DCN gene with growth traits in cattle (Brief Report)

J. Sun, C. Gu, C. Zhang, C. Lei, X. Fang, Q. Jin, D. Chen, X. Shi, Y. Du, and H. Chen

Abstract. Mammalian decorin (DCN) consists of a protein core and a single dermatan or chondroitin sulfate glycosaminoglycan chain (CHOPRA et al. 1985), contributing multifunctionally to processes like matrix assembly, modulation of the activity of growth factors and cell migration and proliferation. Recently, LINDA et al. (2008) have reported that eight SNPs were identified in human. However, the related information in bovine is scarce. Hence, in the present experiment the exons and intron/exon boundaries of DCN were scanned for SNPs in the predominant cattle breeds of China.