Articles | Volume 52, issue 4
10 Oct 2009
 | 10 Oct 2009

Cytogenetic and syntenic assignment of the bovine platelet-activating factor receptor (PTAFR) to cattle chromosome 2 (Brief report)

T. Goldammer, P. Schmidt, and R. Weikard

Abstract. The platelet-activating factor receptor (PTAFR) encoding gene, also known as PAFR or PAFr, belongs to the rhodopsin gene family. The receptor binds the platelet-activating factor (PAF) that has been implicated as a mediator in diverse pathologic processes. In cattle, PTAFR is associated to the reproduction process and is described as a receptor that is involved in inflammatory-like processes of the uterus associated with increased vascular permeability (TIEMANN et al. 2005). The gene sequence was recently annotated on Bos taurus (BTA) chromosome 2 at 129.4 megabases in NCBI Bos taurus build Btau_4.0. The presented data confirm this annotation by independent physical mapping methods and anchor the corresponding DNA segment to the chromosome. PTAFR was assigned by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and somatic hybrid cell (SHC) mapping.