Articles | Volume 51, issue 6
10 Oct 2008
 | 10 Oct 2008

Characterization of the fast skeletal troponin C (TNNC2) gene in three Chinese native sheep breeds

Q. Xu, K. Kang, F. Yan, J. An, and Y. Chen

Abstract. Fast skeletal muscle troponin C (TNNC2) protein plays a critical role in skeletal muscle contraction and has been proposed to be involved in meat quality traits in farm animals. Here, we report the cloning of the gene TNNC2 from native Chinese sheep. Sequence analysis indicated that the gene TNNC2 contains a putative open reading frame of 483 base pair, encoding a protein of 160 amino acids. We employed the polymerase chain reaction-single strand conformation polymorphism analysis to study the relationship between the TNNC2 gene polymorphisms and meat quality traits. A single site mutation (T/ −) was detected in the first intron, which created three genotypes TT (T/ T), TD (T/ −) and DD (−/ −). Compared with the DD and TD genotypes, the genotype TT conferred lower in carcass weight (P<0.05), longissimus thoracis et lumborum shear force (P<0.05) and drip loss rate (P<0.05), and higher in pH value (P<0.01) and marbling score (P<0.01). The results indicated that the allele T had positive effects on tenderness and marbling score, and suggest that the allele could be used as a molecular marker to study the meat quality in sheep.