Articles | Volume 51, issue 1
10 Oct 2008
 | 10 Oct 2008

Genetic efficiency parameters of Slovak warm-blood horses

M. Halo, J. Mlynek, P. Strapák, and P. Massányi

Abstract. The efficiency of 249 3- and 4-year old horses were analysed in this work during efficiency tests throughout the period 1993–2004. The ascertained average mark of 796 points for the whole population of 3-year old horses presents I. class, whereupon the highest mark of 8.32 points was reached in 2002 presenting the Elite class. The total mark moved within the bounds of 7.10 to 8.96 points, during variability of 4.86 %. The total mark of the population of 4-year old horses moved within the bounds of 7.00 to 8.60 points, during variability of 4.69 %, the average mark being 7.90 points presenting I.class. If we rate the average mark for „Type and sex type“ throughout the period from 1993–2004 respecting the age of horses, we can claim that the 4-year old horses recieved higher marks /7.85 points/ than 3-year old horses /7.81 points/. The estimated coefficient of performance hereditary is 0.10. A higher positive relation was ascertained /p ≤ 0.001/ between breeding values and estimation coefficients /riding, free jumping, show-jumping/ and the total mark/index.