Articles | Volume 51, issue 4
10 Oct 2008
 | 10 Oct 2008

TIGER: A software system for fine-mapping quantitative trait loci

C. Baes and N. Reinsch

Abstract. The localisation of quantitative trait loci which contribute significantly to phenotype variation of economically important traits in domestic species has become an important goal in animal genomics. Several such loci have been roughly identified using linkage analyses; however the focus has now shifted towards fine mapping and pinpointing causal mutations. In the context of a cooperative national research project, the software system TIGER was developed. TIGER is a UNIX script linking several individual Fortran programmes and is used for comprehensive variance component analysis of fine mapping data. Starting with raw genotype data, pedigree and marker map information and ending with a residual maximum likelihood-based test for each putative quantitative trait locus position, the software provides the user with an "all in one" package capable of linkage analysis, linkage disequilibrium analysis and combined linkage/linkage disequilibrium analysis. The software system has been employed in 4 fine mapping projects on 4 distinct cattle chromosomes.