Articles | Volume 50, issue 3
10 Oct 2007
 | 10 Oct 2007

Genetic evaluation of laying hens under fixed regression animal models

A. Wolc, M. Lisowski, and T. Szwaczkowski

Abstract. Monthly egg production in laying hens was studied under fixed regression models. The data of 37071 birds from three strains under long term selection were analysed. The covariates from four production curves were included in nested and non-nested form. From linearized functions the model of Ali and Schaeffer most adequately described the egg production. Akaike Information Criterion favoured models with nested covariates. The following genetic parameters were estimated: heritability 0.02–0.2, 0.03–0.06, 0.03–0.20 repeatability 0.11–0.23, 0.21–0.30, 0.34–0.43 for A22, A88 and K66 lines, respectively. In conclusion, regression models could be considered in genetic evaluation of laying hens.