Articles | Volume 50, issue 3
10 Oct 2007
 | 10 Oct 2007

Dietary supplement of the rumen protected methionine and milk yield in dairy goats

N. Poljičak-Milas and T. S. Marenjak

Abstract. The experiment was conducted on three farms of dairy goats. The experimental groups of animals were during the four months period supplemented with 5g Mepron®, (Degussa, Germany), daily. Milk yield, milk protein and milk fat content were recorded throughout the experiment. The milk production was statistically higher in the experimental group of animals on two farms, farm 1 and farm 3 in the first control period, a month after the application, whereas on farm 2, the higher milk production was present in the third and forth control period, two and three months after the application. During the experiment there was no statistically differences in milk protein and milk fat content between experimental and control groups on farm 1 and farm 2, whereas on farm 3 the milk fat content was statistically lower during the Mepron® supplementation. In conclusion, the higher milk production in the first control period on farm 1 and 3 with great probability referred to the influence of Mepron®. The higher milk production on farm 2 in the third and fourth control period coincided with introduction of alfalfa hay in daily ration, that may have enriched the amino acid supply.