Articles | Volume 50, issue 3
10 Oct 2007
 | 10 Oct 2007

Molecular characterization of the porcine DNAL4 gene

B. Uhlmann, H. Kuiper, O. Distl, and T. Leeb

Abstract. The DNAL4 (dynein, axonemal, light polypeptide 4) gene encodes a light chain of dynein. Dyneins are motor proteins that contribute to axonal transport. Cloning and characterization of the porcine DNAL4 revealed a conserved organization with respect to the human ortholog. The porcine DNAL4 gene consists of 4 exons and codes for a peptide of 105 amino acids. The porcine DNAL4 gene is located on SSC5p15. Analysis of the naturally occurring variation of the DNAL4 gene in pigs from the PiƩtrain und Duroc breeds revealed five SNPs in non-coding regions of the gene.