Articles | Volume 50, issue 2
10 Oct 2007
 | 10 Oct 2007

Comparison of Breeding Values for Daily Gains of Bulls Estimated with Multi-Trait and Random Regression Models

H. Krejčová, N. Mielenz, J. Přibyl, and L. Schüler

Abstract. In this study, random regression models with Legendre polynomials of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree (RR2, RR3 and RR4) are compared with regard to the estimation of breeding values for the average daily gain of Czech Pied bulls (Simmental type). The data were prepared such that a multi-trait model (MTM) could be used as reference model. For each bull, 8 repeated records or fewer were available for the testing period from the 12th to the 420th day of life. For the modeling of the expected value structure, the fixed regression coefficients of the Legendre polynomials were subordinated hierarchically to the herd-year-season effects (HYS). For the comparison of the random regression models with the reference model, rank correlations between the estimated breeding values of various animal groups were calculated and a variety of top-lists were analyzed. In general, models RR3 and RR4 returned higher rank correlations with MTM in comparison to model RR2. Additionally, the number of common animals in the 1% and 10% top-lists showed that models RR3 and RR4 are to be preferred over RR2 when it comes to the estimation of breeding values.