Articles | Volume 47, issue 5
10 Oct 2004
 | 10 Oct 2004

Different allele frequencies of MC4R gene variants in Chinese pig Breeds

M. Chen, A. Wang, J. Fu, and N. Li

Abstract. A missense variant of the porcine melanorcortin-4 receptor gene (MC4R) is associated with fatness and growth-related traits in pigs. The single nucleotide change of MC4R gene can be identified by TaqI PCR-RFLP. We checked the variation in nine Chinese native pig breeds, four pig breeds from France, together with a F2 population originating from a cross between Landrace and Lantang. We also analyzed the relationship of MC4R genotypes with effects on variation in growth and carcass-related traits in the F2 population of 111 animals. We found superiority of BB individuals for several related traits, such as age at 100kg weight, average backfat, etc. The results implicated the potential use of MC4R gene as a new genetic marker for the control of economically important growth and carcass traits in pigs.