Articles | Volume 47, issue 3
10 Oct 2004
 | 10 Oct 2004

Genetic variability of the CRC and MYF4 genes in genetic resource, Přeštice Black-Pied pig

P. Horák, T. Urban, and J. Dvořák

Abstract. The study of molecular genetic variability in genetic resources of farm animals is necessary for optimal conduct of their breeding and for understanding of relations between molecular markers and traits. The determination of variability in the CRC and the MYF4 genes and the evaluation of associations between these genetic markers and the total number born, the number born alive and the number weaned of piglets, weaning weight of piglets and farrowing interval were carried out in population of 102 Přeštice Black-Pied sows. The frequency of the allele CRCn (0.083) was found out to be markedly lower than the frequency of the allele CRCN and there was observed no sow of homozygous recessive genotype in the investigated sample population. In MYF4 locus, the higher frequency of the MYFB allele was detected (0.711). A significant influence of the CRC gene polymorphism on number of piglets alive born in the 1st and the 1st–6th litters was discovered. In the total number of born piglets the significant disparity were ascertained between the MYF4A/MYF4A and MYF4A/MYF4B, MYF4A/MYF4A and MYF4B/MYF4B sows in the 2nd–6th litters and the 1st–6th litters. The obtained data are exploitable in genetic structure mapping, management of breeding and improvement of this breed and comparison with other pig genetic resources.