Articles | Volume 46, issue 2
10 Oct 2003
 | 10 Oct 2003

Genetische Analyse von Klauenmaßen aus der Eigenleistungsprüfung von Jungbullen

D. Hinrichs, T. O. Kuhlmann, E. Stamer, and E. Kalm

Abstract. Title of the paper: Genetic analysis of claw measurements from the performance test of young bulls
The present study deals with the analysis of the claw measurements length of dorsal wall, length of heel, high of heel, diagonal, angle of dorsal wall and hardness of claw horn from the performance test of young bulls. Data collection take place at one fore leg and one hind leg from 798 young German Holstein bulls (black and white, red and white) and 89 young Angler bulls. The analysis of the systematic fixed effects was followed by the estimation of genetic parameters. A breeding value estimation was done with some of the claw traits and rank correlation for the breeding values of the claw traits and some official exterieur breeding values and the length of productive life were calculated.

Heritabilities ranked from 0.00 (hardness of claw horn, upper point of measurement of hind leg) to 0.45 (diagonal of the foreleg). Genetic correlation between fore leg and hind leg vary between 0.14 and 0.99. Rank correlation of the claw trait breeding values ranked from –0.65 to 0.64. Rank correlation between official breeding values and claw trait breeding values vary from –0.27 to 0.37.