Articles | Volume 44, issue 3
10 Oct 2001
 | 10 Oct 2001

Cholesteringehalt in Eiern und Blut von Federwild (Kurzmitteilung)

E. Straková, F. Vitula, P. Suchý, V. Vecerek, and J. Skaloud

Abstract. Title of the paper: Cholesterol concentration in yolks and blood plasma in five species of game birds (short communication)
Cholesterol concentrations were determined in yolks and blood plasma of five significant species of game birds (common partridge, wild turkey, common pheasant, guinea fowl, and chukar partridge). Two yolk samples and one blood plasma sample were collected from 15 female birds of each species. Dimensions, whole egg weight and weights of sheli, yolk, and white were recorded for each egg. Mean blood plasma concentrations were significantly higher (P < 0.01) in the common partridge (3.44 mmol/1), the wild turkey (3.78 mmol/1), and the common pheasant (3.67 mmol/1) than in the guinea fowl (2.61 mmol/1) and the chukar partridge (2.26 mmol/1). Mean yolk cholesterol concentrations in the wild turkey (1030 mg/100 g), the guinea fowl, and the chukar partridge (both 1010 mg/100 g) were significantly higher (P < 0.01) than in the common pheasant (960 mg/100 g) and the common partridge (930 mg/100 g/1). Mean blood plasma cholesterol concentrations exceeded mean yolk concentrations by a 7- to !2fold. Blood plasma cholesterol concentrations were near the lower limit of the normal range for domestic fowl, while yolk concentrations in the game birds were markedly lower than in the domestic chicken.